Strokes Per Minute

Strokes Per Minute is a simple intuitive app to calculate the stroke rate. It was designed by a rowing coach who consistently forgot their rating watch for training. Its minimal design provides an easy to use tool for rowing coaches, coxes and enthusiasts.

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iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

Whether you have an iPad or an iPhone in the coaches boat or are a cox with an Apple Watch Strokes Per Minute will work for you. With full support for dark mode the app is perfect for use all year round.

Customisable Stroke Count

The app is fully customisable allowing you to calculate the stroke rate on the standard 3 stroke timer or another interval of your choosing.

Speak The Rate

Keep your eyes off your device and on the crew. With the speak the rate feature Strokes Per Minute will speak the stroke rate to you each time it is calculated. (Currently supported on iPad & iPhone only).

Frequently Asked Questions

Strokes per minute calculates the pace of your stroke using three full strokes to account for different stroke rates. To start calculating simply tap anywhere on the screen, once the athlete has taken the number of strokes, tap again.
The is no right spot that the rating must be should be measured from. Typically it is easiest measuring from the catch of the stroke to just before the catch/ the end of the recovery or slide of the final stroke. This approach and the extended period of three strokes ensures efficient calculation across both lower stroke rates during training rows and faster stroke rates during a race.
On iPhone & iPad the app will then display both the stroke rate and the time taken per stroke. Due to the small size of the Watch screen only the stroke rate is shown.
Strokes per minute was designed to use the same methodology as a traditional rating stop watch. By default the stroke rate is calculated using the time taken for 3 complete strokes. We then divide 60 by the time taken for 3 strokes, this number is then multiplied by 3 to provide the stroke rate per one minute.
The number of strokes used to calculate stroke rate is customisable within the app. By default the app uses three strokes to allow for any difference in speed between strokes to be accounted for and provide a more accurate measurement.
Within the apps settings on iPhone & iPad it is possible to enable the speak the rating feature. When enabled the app will speak the rating each time the rating is calculated. When coaching rowing this feature gives you the ability to maintain your focus on good technique while continuing to monitor the stroke rate to ensure it is within the desired range.
This feature is not currently available on Watch.
It is possible to use a higher stroke rate or lower stroke rate within the app. The number of strokes used can be change within the apps settings. Generally we would not recommend changing this setting as it may lead to a decrease in the accuracy of the measurement.
This feature is not currently available on Watch.
The app and mobile devices should not be used within a boat during a regatta.
There is simply not one single ideal stroke rate in swimming or rowing, there are many factors that contribute to the ideal rate. Factors such as technique and fitness levels should be used to determine the most efficient stroke rate.
A good stroke rate will vary between swimming and rowing, depending on if you are training or racing. For example there will be instances in rowing where a low stroke rate may be used with more power for an extended period ensuring the maximum rest between strokes, to focus on with increased force and power through the water. There will also be instances were a high stroke rate is used focusing on speed and pace while maintaining technique.
If you are looking to determine what rating maintains the greatest efficiency for you, would recommend finding a qualified coach to train with.
The app was originally designed by a rowing coach to simply and easily calculate stroke rates without a rating watch. Today the app is used by rowing coach, rowing coxes in training and swimming coaches.
If you first downloaded the app during the many years it was free, you do not need to pay.
We made the decision to make the app paid when the Watch application was release. This decision was made to ensure we could continue to deliver performance and feature updates. An example of a recent feature update is speak the rate which is available on iPhone and iPad. We hope to one day bring this feature to Watch though do not yet have a target release date.
Ensuring our app continues to work as expected is our top priority. Our team can be contacted via email [email protected]. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.